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For this essay, you should take a position on one of the above topics and use yo

For this essay, you should take a position on one of the above topics and use your sources (both from the book and two outside sources) to support your position. If you disagree with a source, then you might spend some time quoting that source and explain why you think that source’s author is incorrect. When you agree with a source, quote that author’s best points, and then try to add additional supporting points of your own. You may find that you agree with some parts of a source argument, but you disagree with other parts. That is fine. You are free to invent a new standpoint on an issue as long as it is logical and realistic (for example, you cannot say we should all go to Hogwarts with Harry Potter instead of going to college). Your Audience
To help get started, imagine the following audience for your essay:
Pretend that you have been asked to write this essay for three different readers. One reader, Agreeable Albert, you are told, already agrees with your position in principle, but Albert does not understand the issue as well as you. You will not have to persuade Albert, but your essay should help to educate him so he can better defend his position if he gets into a debate at school or work. Albert is your easy-to-please reader. Most of us are fantastic at writing for Albert.
Albert is not alone, however. Rebuttal Ralph will also read your essay. Ralph loves to argue! And Ralph happens to completely disagree with you. While you probably cannot get Ralph to change his mind, you want to show him that you’ve thought through his point of view enough that you have counterpoints to his points. Even though he will probably still feel the same about the issue when he finishes reading your essay, you can consider yourself victorious in the debate if you show Ralph that you are informed about his position but you respectfully disagree. Once he knows that you are knowledgeable, he won’t try to argue with you, and if you avoid calling him names, he may even respect you and grudgingly consider what you have to say at some point later in his life.
Finally, there is Not-Sure Nancy. She needs to know more about both sides of the issue before she makes up her mind. You hope to show her what the debate looks like, what different sources (your sources) say, and then you hope to show her why your position is correct. You don’t know anything about her social, economic, or religious background, so you’ll have to stick to the issues and your sources to engage her (as opposed to trying to persuade her with appeals to any particular belief system). (NOTE: I know you are all grown-ups, but the above set up is a mnemonic to help you remember to write for an academic audience, which in a nutshell is described by the three people above. So as you work on your paper, think about Albert, Ralph and Nancy. Your essay should be an education on a topic and an argument on that topic for all of them. With Albert and Nancy you are teaching them about the topic. With Ralph you are impressing him with how much you know (through research) about the topic so that he will cease the debate with you. With all three of them, you are explaining what you believe is the best point of view to hold on the topic.
Write a 1000-1250 word essay
Use two outside sources (library, online, personal interviews) that fit the criteria described in chapter 17 of Composing-Ourselves-and-Our-World. You may not use Wikipedia,, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc. Quote in your essay using MLA in text citation at least 6 times (see chapter 19 of Composing-Ourselves-and-Our-World for help here). Double-space your essay
Avoid using contractions in your writing
Use 12 point, Times New Roman Font or Arial Font (but not Calibri)
Write for the above audience as best you can
Use MLA Essay format
I did attempt the essay and came up with a 2 paragraph draft…
Does one ever achieve true freedom, or is freedom an idea sold by those who make the rules to give hope to those who apply the rules? Slavery was a harsh and cruel time in American history. It divided our nation and caused a war that some people have never gotten over. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, which called for the end and freeing of the slaves in America. However, slaves in Texas did not receive the news that they were free until June 19, 1865. This day, June 19, 1865, is engraved in history as a day of celebration for the ending of slavery. Juneteenth is now known as the African American Independence Day.
Juneteenth may have been the ending of slavery for African Americans at the time, but other systems, such as the criminal justice system, were put in place to keep them in bondage. “While Juneteenth is a momentous day in U.S. history, it is important to appreciate that the civil rights and liberties promised to African-Americans have yet to be fully realized” (Larson 47.2). The African American community was given freedom from the physical chains and moved to the invisible chains of bondage of the American system that excluded their diversity. The issues in the African American community are many and far-reaching and have made the community have its fair share of struggles. Some problems of the African American community are their high incarceration rates, pretrial detentions, and the toll that it takes on the family unit.
The 3 sources are attached

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