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Australian English TASK Identify an example of a Customs administration (or an a

Australian English
Identify an example of a Customs administration (or an aspect of its activities) that has moved or is in the process of moving from a gatekeeper to a risk-managed style of compliance management. Analyse the various elements of the organisation’s new approach to compliance management against the Integrated Compliance Management Framework introduced in Module 4. In doing so you should refer to any applicable standards, practices or articles from international conventions or agreements and innovations of other Customs administrations.
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
· be able to analyse organisational strengths and weaknesses of border management agencies, and to analyse potential opportunities and threats to the achievement of agencies’ objectives
· be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of compliance management strategies in particular operational settings
· be able to identify and assess potential sources of risk encountered in border management
· be able to evaluate, analyse and prioritise potential risks to the achievement of objectives in the border management environment, and to identify a range of appropriate risk treatments that are designed to mitigate such risks
· be able to articulate and evaluate risk-based strategies to manage compliance with customs and other border regulatory requirements
· be able to evaluate the manner in which international trends may impact on customs compliance management techniques, including emerging technologies, commercial imperatives and international pressures
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of compliance management, your ability to identify risk-based strategies for managing compliance with regulatory requirements and your understanding and knowledge of relevant international conventions, agreements and innovations:
This assignment will contribute to your progress towards achieving all the Charles Sturt University graduate learning outcomes and in particular:
· Professional Practice, Academic Literacy & Numeracy and Information & Research Literacies
The following criteria and weighting will be used in marking this assignment:
Your ability to:
· demonstrate a good understanding of both the gatekeeper and the risk-managed styles of compliance management (0.2)
· explain and analyse the approach taken by a Customs administration to manage compliance against the elements of the Integrated Compliance Management Framework (0.2)
· demonstrate a good knowledge of international conventions, agreements and innovations relevant to Customs compliance management (0.15)
· use reliable sources and credible and relevant information to support your position (0.15)
· communicate effectively in academic writing (0.15)
· provide due and appropriate in text and end of text referencing in accordance with the required APA (7th Ed) style (0.15).
Your assignment will be marked using the marking sheet below and each aspect of the assignment will be graded as either:
· Fail (FL)
· Pass (P)
· Credit (CR)
· Distinction (DI)
· High Distinction (HD)
All assignments are to be presented in Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing. Your paragraph spacing should be set at 6 pt before and 6 pt after. Within your written work if you directly quote from a source and the quotation is more than 40 words you must set off as a block quotation, indented by 1cm in Arial Narrow, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing.
Charles Sturt University is committed to ensure that all written work is of a high grammatical standard. You must pay particular attention to your grammar and expression in your written submissions. Grammatical and expression standards will form part of the marking criteria for all assignments in this subject.
Citing or referencing is the process of acknowledging the words, ideas or data of others used in the preparation of an assessment. This is important to allow the readers of your work to locate and check each source of information and importantly to avoid plagiarism. A reference is necessary when:
· another writer is directly quoted
· the ideas of another writer are reported or rephrased.
Like many other schools at Charles Sturt University, CCES uses the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. Students must use the APA (7th ed.) referencing style when completing all assessments.
To assist Students to understand how to reference and avoid unintentional plagiarism the Library has produced guidance to referencing assignments, essays, theses, dissertations and other works can be found at:
In particular the University has published a guide to using the APA referencing style and it can also be found at:
In your assignments and submissions in this Course you will often be referring to international agreements/treaties etc and also to domestic legislation . As the APA Publication Manual does not explicitly provide instructions in this regard the following is provided by CCES as guides that you may find helpful.
For international agreements/treaties etc
For domestic legislation
If you have any doubts about the referencing requirements and your responsibilities in this regard you are encouraged to contact your subject coordinator before you provide any written work.
Students have a responsibility to uphold University standards on ethical scholarship. Good scholarship involves building on the work of others and use of others work must be acknowledged with proper attribution made. Cheating, plagiarism, and falsification of data are dishonest practices which contravene academic values.
Plagiarism consists of a person using the words or ideas of another as if they were his or her own. That is, using, or attempting to use, another person’s work without acknowledgement.

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