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I need a page written about the topic above. I am applying for a position but do

I need a page written about the topic above. I am applying for a position but don’t have the time to write it myself. I am a Judicial Assistant and I work in a criminal courtroom. My job description is below so the writer can use it as a reference of what I do on a daily basis .
Examples of Essential Duties, Responsibilities, and Skills
following examples are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by personnel assigned to this classification. Any one position in this class may not perform all the duties listed below, nor are the duties described intended to be an exhaustive list of
all duties, responsibilities and skills required of personnel so classified.
1. Manages the logistical functioning and flow of courtroom activities to ensure the court runs in an efficient and professional manner; checks-in attorneys and litigants; verifies all parties are present in court for hearing; notifies jurors of time changes in trial schedules; provides information regarding case status to case coordinators, interested parties and other agencies; answers courtroom phones and responds to inquiries for information; maintains exhibits and subpoenaed material; requests interpreter services; requests special equipment when needed; notifies bailiff or courtroom assistants of any actions that may adversely affect courtroom security; transfers cases to other courts; may open and lock up courtrooms as needed.
2. Prepares, controls and distributes copies of court calendars; schedules hearings and appearances according to legal and procedural time limits; reviews case information and ascertains whether cases are ready for hearing and trial; notifies court reporters when calendar is ready to be called; informs judicial officers of statutory time limits; schedules conferences in chambers with counsel and judicial
3. Acts as custodian of records and maintains the official court record; collects, file-stamps, processes and files various documents, orders and requests; records orders of the court by preparing minute orders; prepares and distributes stipulations, verdicts, dockets, motion orders, judgments, jail forms, custody paperwork and other reports and documents; checks documents for legal form, requirements and other court orders; takes affidavits and acknowledgments and enters abstracts of court proceeding in the Register
of Actions; prepares, reviews, issues and distributes all forms and documents necessary for court orders to be carried out; enters, verifies, retrieves and updates case information from computerized case management systems regarding case rulings, dispositions, decisions and activities; conducts basic records searches; operates electronic recording equipment to tape record proceedings presided by judge pro tems; prepares files for judicial officer review; maintains integrity and confidentiality of files; issues and recalls bench warrants; compiles court-related statistical data and prepares records and reports
regarding the work of the court.
4. Acts as liaison to judicial
officers, legal counsel, court staff, all interested parties and the public; answers procedural questions and resolves courtroom problems; contacts probation, pre-trial services, and other agencies regarding upcoming cases; requests applicable reports from various agencies; prepares referrals to court-ordered programs; refers individuals to various departments for legal assistance and other support services; notifies departments and agencies of judicial rulings.
5. Controls access to judicial officer; advises on the status of daily calendars; attends to and assists judicial officers in chambers.
6. Assists in the impanelment of juries; calls for jurors; orders jury panels; tracks and tallies peremptory challenges and excused jurors; records selection of jurors; pulls, prepares, edits and copies jury instructions; prepares deliberation folders for jurors; prepares jury verdict forms; prepares and reads verdicts for jury trials; polls juries
and reconciles dispositions for each juror; maintains juror time records and computes jury fees; seals juror records in accordance with legal procedures.
7. Identifies, tags, labels, logs, inventories, transports and stores exhibits to ensure proper security and chain of custody; delivers exhibits to juries; obtains signed receipts for exhibits that are withdrawn or released.
8. Calculates, collects, records and reports bails, fees, fines and other monies received in court; issues bail forfeiture cards and deposit refund orders; processes attorney and expert witness forms for payment; prepares notices and amount due statements for court fees and fines.
9. Administers oaths and affirmations as required or as directed.
Maintains orderly appearance of courtroom and assigned work areas; maintains appropriate courtroom decorum at all times in accordance with Court standards.
11. Maintains records regarding disposition of documents including lodged depositions, sealed documents, and other court exhibits.
12. Monitors and reviews conditional dispositions and transferred cases to other districts and counties.
Other Duties
1. Prepares correspondence, opens and distributes mail; orders forms and supplies to ensure courtrooms are adequately stocked.
2. May act as relief judicial assistant.
3. May provide training to judicial assistants and judicial assistant trainees.
4. May assist with court-related special projects as requested.
5. May act for manager during manager’s absence.
6. Prepares and sends notices to licensing boards as required by law.
7. Provides courtroom specific procedural information to relief judicial assistants.
8. Attends meetings.
9. Performs other court-related duties as assigned.
Knowledge of:
1. General functions and organization of the judicial system, including the various divisions of the court and the roles and functions of other legal and law enforcement agencies.
2. State and local statutes and Rules of Court that govern court operations, as applicable to assigned areas of responsibility.
3. Legal terminology applicable to the preparation, acceptance and processing of legal documents.
4. Calendaring rules and procedures.
5. Policies, procedures and regulations governing the intake, maintenance, safeguarding and disposal of court exhibits.
6. Office administrative practices and procedures, including recordkeeping and filing.
7. State regulations and court policies and procedures regarding jury service, including attendance and impanelment.
8. Regulations and procedures governing the maintenance and disclosure of public records.
9. Use and operation of automated case management systems.
10. Case and file records research methods and techniques.
11. Customer service and telephone etiquette.
12. Correct English usage, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Ability to:
1. Understand, interpret, explain and apply detailed, specialized information, including codes, rules, policies, procedures, forms and legal terms in carrying out job assignments accurately and efficiently.
2. Perform official actions that require high attention to detail and application of code, rule and specific procedural requirements.
3. Read, interpret, explain and apply statutory and legal requirements applicable to the preparation of cases for trial and the processing of associated legal documents.
4. Read, comprehend, and verify legal documents.
5. Interpret judicial orders correctly. Explain case and procedural information to litigants, attorneys and other agencies.
6. Organize and maintain files and filing systems, including codifying and
indexing official documents in accordance with regulations and standard
office procedures.
7. Operate a computer using standard business software and automated case management systems. Operate other standard office equipment.
8. Work in an environment that includes frequent interruptions, simultaneous attention to multiple tasks and meeting legally-established deadlines.
9. Communicate clearly and effectively in English.
10. Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
11. Carry out duties in accordance with policies, procedures and scope of responsibilities.
12. Use tact, discretion and courtesy in dealing with sensitive situations.
13. Maintain confidentiality of Court documents and records.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with judicial officers, Court employees, members of the public and others encountered in the course of work.

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