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For this weekly check-in, answer discussion question 1 from p. 82: Do you try to

For this weekly check-in, answer discussion question 1 from p. 82:
Do you try to guide your moral choices with a moral code or moral theory, or both? If so, how?
In your answer, offer an example of how you have made a decision in a moral scenario that demonstrates your own thought process. Also, state whether you recognize any elements of ethical egoism, utilitarianism, or Kantian ethics in your reasoning. Discuss you thoughts in at least a paragraph.
After doing so, reply to at least two students. You may let them know what you might share in common, how you may differ, if you have shared a similar experience, etc.
*****reply for these two classmates**** Sarah Juan I utilize a moral theory (utilitarinanism) when making some decisions, like my vegetarianism. I abstain from eating meat because it is detrimental to the environment and an avenue for animal cruelty. So by not supporting the meat industry, I feel I am acting in the interest of the greater good of the planet, the humans living on it, and the animals being slaughtered. HOWEVER I would like to emphasize that I am not Kantian in this viewpoint, just because I find it morally wrong, it does not mean that nobody should eat meat ever. I recognize that being able to make the decision in itself is a privledge and there are plenty of reasons others eat meat and I do not find their choices morally abhorrent. In conclusion, my vegetarianism is an instance of utilitarianism, since I do it for the greater good, but not Kantian ethics because it is morally acceptable to consume meat, even though I do not.
Adriana Monteagudo
I believe that I guide my moral choices with moral code in general situations and moral theory in exceptional circumstances. In my understanding, a general set of rules of what is right and wrong (do not lie, be kind, etc.) is the best way for most people to conduct themselves throughout their everyday lives when interacting with others. However, if there is an exceptional circumstance when obeying the rule will cause more harm than good onto oneself or others, bending or even breaking that rule is permissible. For example, if I must lie to someone in order to save another’s life, that is an appropriate application of moral theory. However, if I decide to lie in order to excuse my own negligent behavior towards something, that is inexcusable. For example, I generally do not lie to my brother. I believe that lying is wrong and therefore I do not lie to him. However, there are times I feel it is better for his well-being to be lied to in exceptional circumstances because he tends to dwell on problems and cannot relax. The other day I kept some information from him with regards to a game he liked and was promised he would get, but we had to make ends meet and he could not purchase it at that time. I knew a week in advance but did not tell him until after the week has passed. In this way, I spared him from dwelling on the loss of his game for the whole week. My general reasoning is in line with Kantian ethics and the categorical imperative – rules must be followed regardless of our particular wants and needs in order to preserve the moral value of our actions, such as the value in promises. However, I also believe that everyone’s well-being (including our own) must be considered in exceptional circumstances, and that type of ethics would be more in line with utilitarianism.

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