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Explanation for grading this section follows: Research Proposal Grading Componen

Explanation for grading this
section follows:
Research Proposal Grading Components: Topic: 1) Culturally
Competent Approach to Hospice, Palliative, and End-of-Life Care for the LGBTQ
1) Specific Aims (3 pages): a. Research topic is clear and researchable b. Brief introduction of the research problem i. 1-2 paragraphs
c. Specific aims, research questions, hypotheses are listed d. Minimum 2 references
2) Background and Innovation Section (6 pages): a. The Background section is a synthesis of the literature (15 points)
i. This means that you examined all of the literature about your topic
and summarized the information
ii. You described the research that is related to your main research topic
(e.g. family-level poverty and children’s mental health)
iii. Explained the research findings relevant to your topic
iv. An extensive literature review consists of more than 10 references
but we have decided that minimum of 8 reputable references would
be adequate
b. The Innovation section describes your research study (3 points)
i. This section tells the reviewer why
i. Your research topic is valuable
ii. Why your research should be funded
ii. How your research topic will contribute
i. to the literature
ii. break new ground
iii. Fill in the gaps and so forth 3) Theoretical Framework (3 pages): a. You can choose a framework outside of nursing
b. Describe the framework chosen (2-3 paragraphs only!)
c. Explain how this framework applies to your research study
d. Minimum 3 references
4) Concept Map (2page): a. This is a visual depiction of your research study using the chosen theoretical
framework or conceptual framework
i. Must use boxes and arrows (select drawing tools in your word
processing program)
ii. Boxes must contain the information (data variables) that will be
NURS 601 – Proposal Guidelines 5) Research Methodology-Sample Section and Data Collection-Data Analysis Section
(4 pages): a. Methodology Section: 4.5 points
i. Overview of the methodology needed to examine the problem (1-2
ii. Provide a rationale for the basis of the particular methodology
chosen (1-2 paragraphs)
iii. Methodology appropriate for research
b. Sample Section: 4.5 points
i. Sample population
1. Where will sample be drawn from
ii. Sample size calculated using power analysis or quota sampling
iii. Sampling techniques
1. How will the sample be recruited?
a. Probabilistic sampling techniques (e.g. randomization
and type of randomization)
b. Explain how randomization will be done (e.g. for
simple randomization will select every 3rd name on the
admitting sheet
c. Non-probabilistic (e.g., purposeful, convenience and
so forth)
i. Explain how this will be done
iv. Sample characteristics
1. Describe:
a. Inclusion characteristics
b. Exclusion characteristics
c. Data Collection Section: 4.75 points
i. Data collection
1. How will the data be collected (e.g., survey, interviews, focus
2. Description of data collection strategies
ii. Where data will be collected (e.g., home, office, by mail, telephone)
iii. How long will data collection take place
iv. Additional instruments used to collect data (e.g. Beck’s Depression
1. Note the validity of instrument (Cronbach alpha score)
d. Data Analysis Section: 4.75 points
i. How will data be analyzed?
ii. Statistical tests used to analyze data (e.g., t-test, Pearson’s R,
frequency counts, mean, average, ANOVA)
iii. Discussion about what the data is analyzing
e. Minimum 6 references for this entire section 6) IRB (2 pages): a. Participants (1 point)
i. Location of participants during research data collection
ii. Are special populations included in the research (examples below) 3 iii. If using special populations, provide rationale for using special
populations b. Recruitment Procedures (1.5 points)
i. Describe how participants will be identified and recruited
ii. Describe the procedures or tasks participants will be asked to do (e.g.
surveys, questionnaires, interviews)
iii. How will privacy/confidentiality be addressed (e.g. where will
interviews take place, names on surveys)
c. Confidentiality of data (1.5 points)
i. How will be stored?
ii. How long will data be kept?
iii. Who will have access to the data?
iv. How will the data be destroyed? Reflective Essay 1 -2 page what did you learn from this assignment
7) Scholarly Writing (10 points)
Your research proposal is worth 75 points. Each section has been assigned points. In order to
get the maximum number of points, adhere to the criteria listed for each section.
All research proposals must meet the standards for scholarly writing and graduate level
work. Your research proposal should be well written (clarity), have the appropriate type and
number of references, and meet APA formatting standards.
Research Proposal Content, References, and APA Grading Criteria
Clarity: (5 points)
Mechanics: Correct sentence structure, grammar, and appropriate capitalization. Correct
punctuation and style, no spelling errors, no run-on sentences, no sentence fragments, no
incomplete thoughts, and dangling participles. NO QUOTES ALLOWED – PARAPHRASE
Language: No medical jargon, no colloquialisms (slang and informal ways of speaking) unless
using this language for a reason (repeating a conversation or giving an example).
Clarity Summary
1) Organized in a logical manner
2) Correct usage of grammar and style
3) Medical jargon not used or explained
4) Complete sentences used
5) Correct spelling
6) No quotes allowed
References: (3 points)
Adequacy of references used in the paper as well as an appropriate number of references
used to support the paper and the discussion.
Reference Summary
1) Paper had appropriate number of references (minimum 18 references) 2) References were appropriate a. References must be current (most references should not be older than five
years old unless a seminal work or not much research has been done in this
3) PEER reviewed reputable journals 4) You may use only one of each of the following:
a. Reputable website only (e.g., CDC)
b. Reputable newspaper article only (e.g., New York Times). 5) Research findings from primary sources (this is considered original research)
a. You may not use review articles, meta-analysis, or literature reviews 6) Textbooks can only be used if you are using a theoretical framework as part of your
analytical framework 7) References cited correctly
a. In-text
b. References list
i. Must be on a separate page
ii. References (the word) centered
c. Hanging indent used (references list)
d. Double spacing
e. Volume #
f. Issue # if available
g. Correct hyperlink doi format:
i. (new format) – PREFERRED
8) Journal URL if doi unknown
9) URL address must not have an underline
APA Format: (2 points)
1) Title page
2) Correct margins (1 inch)
3) Header
a. Running head on first page (TITLE OF PAPER)
b. Header on subsequent pages does not contain Running head (TITLE ONLY)
4) Page numbers (in header; top right)
5) Correct APA number format
6) Correct APA capitalization format
7) Headings
8) Left justification
9) Double spacing

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