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Chapter 3 Discussion Due Dates: Initial post is due Thursday 11:59pm. 2 follow-u

Chapter 3 Discussion
Due Dates: Initial post is due Thursday 11:59pm. 2 follow-ups are due by Saturday at 11:59pm. No posts will be accepted after Saturday.
Prompt: Using Chapter 3, Sensation and Perception in Discovering Psychology. Don’t forget to support your statements by utilizing descriptions from the textbook and video and provide page numbers from the text.
INITIAL POST: Firstly, briefly discuss the differences and distinction between sensation and perception.
Describe a time where you have used reality testing or a situation where reality testing could have helped you. Can you think of a recent event when a little dose of reality testing or a reality check would have saved you from misjudging a situation? See below for descriptions and an example.
Because perceptions are reconstructions or models of external events, we should all engage in more frequent reality testing. Perceptions are often unique and based in how we each integrate and organize each of our sensations (what we see, hear, feel, taste). You and I may see or hear the same thing, but how we perceive it is an entirely different process.
What is reality testing? It’s basically a reality check! Reality testing is a good coping skill to build. Reality Testing is the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is imagination. In other words how we differentiate between what is real, fact-based external events and fantasy (our own internal representation of external events). Reality testing is actually a Freudian psychoanalytic term that basically states that it’s our capacity to distinguish between what is occurring in ones mind (perception) as and what is occurring in the real world (sensation).
Examples: Let’s say you work in customer service. You get a phone call from an angry customer. A good reality test is to take a moment to take a breath and remember the customer isn’t angry with you, and that it’s not personal. A good tool might be to let them talk and vent, and not try to challenge them.
These could be everyday misrepresentations such as, “everyone thinks I’m fat,” or “I’m an awful friend,” or “my boss thinks I’m a bad worker so I better quit before she fires me.” Let the following video below help you look at reality testing from a psychotherapy point of view:
FOLLOW UP POSTS: Respond to at least two classmates. Responding to more classmates is encouraged. Each of your follow up posts must look to engage fellow classmates–ask questions, look to continue the conversations. Avoid ‘brush-off’ sentences such as ‘Great thought Alan’. Go in depth, a 2 to 4 paragraph post is the expectation for each post.
Due dates: Initial post is due Thursday; 2 follow-ups are due by Saturday. No posts will be accepted after Saturday.
For tips on how to earn as many points as possible on discussions and to see samples, check out Tips for Discussions. To view a tutorial on how to find the rubric (which you should read before you submit), watch the following video:
Support your statements by bringing in and explaining the definitions and examples in the text. *In all discussions, make sure to cite which pages you are referencing. For example, “According to page 26….” or “The author states that the confirmation bias is the strong tendency to search for information of evidence that confirms a belief… (pg. 284).”

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