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APA 7th edition, needs to follow template, and be willing to revise as needed pe

APA 7th edition, needs to follow template, and be willing to revise as needed per instructors comments
This is chapter 4, so there will be info from previous chapters, along with data collected from 7 interviews. Chapter 4: Findings Begin writing here…
Checklist: ☐ Begin with an
introduction and restatement of the problem and purpose sentences verbatim and
the organization of the chapter. ☐ Organize the entire
chapter around the research questions/hypotheses.[NU1] XXX of the Data
Begin writing
Checklist: ☐
For qualitative studies, clearly identify the means by which the
trustworthiness of the data was established. Discuss credibility (e.g.,
triangulation, member checks), transferability (e.g., the extent to which the
findings are generalizable to other situations), dependability (e.g., an
in-depth description of the methodology and design to allow the study to be
repeated), and confirmability (e.g., the steps to ensure the data and findings
are not due to participant and/or researcher bias). ☐
For quantitative studies, explain the extent to which the data meet the
assumptions of the statistical test and identify any potential factors that
might impact the interpretation of the findings. Provide evidence of the
psychometric soundness (i.e., adequate validity and reliability) of the
instruments from the literature as well as in this study (as appropriate). Do not
merely list and describe all the measures of validity and reliability. ☐
Mixed methods studies should include discussions of the trustworthiness of the
data as well as validity and reliability.
Results[] Begin writing here…
Checklist: ☐ Briefly discuss the
overall study. Organize the presentation of the results by the research
questions/hypotheses. ☐ Objectively report
the results of the analysis without discussion, interpretation, or speculation.
☐ Provide an overview
of the demographic information collected. It can be presented in a table.
Ensure no potentially identifying information is reported.
Question 1/Hypothesis Text…

Report all the results (without discussion) salient to the research
question/hypothesis. Identify common themes or patterns. ☐Use tables
and/or figures to report the results as appropriate

qualitative studies, describe the steps taken to analyze
the data to explain how the themes and categories were generated. Include thick
descriptions of the participants’ experiences. Provide a comprehensive and
coherent reconstruction of the information obtained from all the participants. Begin writing here…

Interpret the results in light of the existing research and theoretical or
conceptual framework (as discussed in Chapters 1 and 2). Briefly indicate the
extent to which the results were consistent with existing research and theory.

Organize this discussion by research question/hypothesis.
☐ Do
not draw conclusions beyond what can be interpreted directly from the

Devote approximately one to two pages to this section.
Begin writing here…
Checklist: Summarize the key
points presented in the chapter.
Tip: Review
peer-reviewed research articles to locate examples of how to report results
generated using the research design used in your study.
Replace “XXX” with “Trustworthiness”
for a qualitative study or “Validity and Reliability” for a quantitative study.
For mixed methods studies, replace “XXX” with “Trustworthiness/Validity and Reliability.”.
Present sufficient information so the reader can make an independent judgment
regarding the interpretation of the findings.
Repeat this
process for each research question.
Tip: Tables
and figures should not be included on the same page. If you introduce a table
or figure in the middle of the page and there is not enough room to include the
entire table or figure on the page, it must be placed on the next page. Perform
a hard right return (hold down the shift key while hitting the return key) and
begin the table on the next page. [NU5] Tip: Tables
and figures should be placed with the corresponding research question. The
formatting of tables varies, depending on the statistical test. Follow APA
formatting requirements for tables, titles, figures, and captions. [NU6] Tip: Tables
and figures must be referenced in the text. Please refer to APA guidelines
regarding when and how to use tables and figures. Do not fully describe
data in the text and also present them in a table.
Tip: Review
published articles that used the same design for examples of how to present
qualitative, thematic findings.
Academic Success Center has a weekly group session on both Writing Quantitative
and Writing Qualitative Analysis. Learn more about these sessions and find the
link to register here.

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