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To Prepare: Reflect on the strategies presented in the Resources this Module’s L

To Prepare:
Reflect on the strategies presented in the Resources this Module’s Learning Resources in support of locating and analyzing research.
Use the Walden Library to identify and read one peer-reviewed research article focused on a topic in your specialty field that interests you.
Review the article you selected and reflect on the professional practice use of theories/concepts described by the article.
The Assignment:
Using the “Module 3 | Part 3” section of your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template presented in the Resources, conduct an analysis of the elements of the research article you identified. Be sure to include the following:
Your topic of interest.
A correctly formatted APA citation of the article you selected, along with link or search details.
Identify a professional practice use of the theories/concepts presented in the article.
Analysis of the article using the “Research Analysis Matrix” section of the template
Write a 1-paragraph justification stating whether you would recommend this article to inform professional practice.
Write a 2- to 3-paragraph summary that you will add to your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan that includes the following:
Describe your approach to identifying and analyzing peer-reviewed research.
Identify at least two strategies that you would use that you found to be effective in finding peer-reviewed research.
Identify at least one resource you intend to use in the future to find peer-reviewed research.
Note: Add your work for this Assignment to the original document you began in the Module 1 Assignment, which was built from the Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template.
Required Readings
Al-Jundi, A., & Sakka, S. (2017). Critical appraisal of clinical research. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR, 11(5), JE01–JE05.
Shellenbarger, T. (2016). Simplifying synthesis. Nurse Author & Editor, 26(3). Retrieved from
Walden University Library. (n.d.). Databases A-Z: Nursing. Retrieved October 4, 2019 from
Walden University Library. (n.d.). Evaluating resources: Journals. Retrieved October 4, 2019, from
Walden University Library. (n.d.). Instructional media: Fundamentals of library research. Retrieved October 4, 2019 from
Walden University Writing Center. (n.d.). Retrieved November 14, 2018, from
Walden University Writing Center. (n.d.). Common assignments: Synthesizing your sources.
Walden University Writing Center. (n.d.). Scholarly writing: Overview. Retrieved November 14, 2018, from
Walden University Writing Center. (n.d.). Webinars: Technical information. Retrieved November 14, 2018, from
Document: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template (Word document)
This is the previous discussion
Norful, A.
A., Dillon, J. C., Ye, S., & Poghosyan, L. (2018). The perspectives of
nurse practitioners and physicians on
increasing the number of registered nurses in primary care. Nursing economic$, 36(4),
The article by Norful, et
al., (2018) is a scholarly journal article detailing the need for increasing
registered nurses to improve quality, safety, and continuity of primary health
care (Norfu et al., 2018). The article offers extensive information concerning
the role of registered nurses (RNs) in health care and the impacts realized
from the high number of RNs. The report details out an essential aspect of
reducing the workload of primary care providers. RNs play roles such as
individualizing health care through shared decision making, significant in my
area of interest. The information in the journal contributes to informing on
prospected duties in the future occupation in the nursing field. RNs educate
patients on illnesses and engage patients in decision-making, which illustrates
that RNs are well informed of the patient’s psychological, medical, and
well-being issues, which facilitates patient’s adherence to the health care
Walden University (n.d) offers extensive
information for identifying scholarly articles, which is essential for
learners. The article is easily accessible through the CINAHL $ MEDLINE
Combined Search database. The content of the article helps to determine which
database to use to access the article easily. The Cumulative Index to Nursing
and Allied Health Literature database offers numerous articles which are easy
to access (Walden University (n.d). The main challenge while identifying the
article is that the article lacks a digital object identifier (DOI), which
makes accessing scholarly articles easy in the database. The database is an
essential source of information for colleagues interested in the nursing field.
According to Shellenbarger (2016), they synthesize articles to realize more
significant data, strengths, and weaknesses. The database is helpful in
learners unsure of the volume and issue of the article. Instead, learners can
use article titles to select the article of interest in the database. Thus, I
recommend learners use the database as with a defined journal title, volume
number, and issue; it is easy to assess the journal in the database.

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