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Read Miller Gildea Article and answer the following questions What early word le

Read Miller Gildea Article and answer the following questions
What early word leaning processes were demonstrated by Carey & Bartlett? Do you use these processes now?
Miller & Gildea suggest that as children learn new words, they pass through two stages of development. What are the two stages? Are these stages limited to early language acquisition, or do you think they apply to you today?
What do you mean by the term overextension? Describe some instances of a young child overextending the meaning of a word. When, if at all, have you used overextension to figure out meaning?
Psycholinguists & others have observed that children learn much more language than they are taught. What explanations can you offer for this phenomenon? What theories of language do your explanations support?
Read Moskowitz Lennenberg Fromkin Article and answer the following,
Moskowitz, Questions 1 & 2 (Clark, 639)
What are the characteristics of “caretaker speech”? Why is its use important to children in their acquisition of language? How has the recognition of caretaker speech modified linguists’ thinking about the process of language acquisition?
Lenneberg, Questions 1 & 2 (Clark, 642) According to Lenneberg’s table, do motor and language development seem to progress at similar rates – that is, do children develop more rapidly in one area than in the other? Fromkin et al., Question 4 & 5, (Clark, 671)
Compare Genie’s linguistic development with Lenneberg’s Developmental Milestones (pp. 640-42). Explain how her linguistic development has been a test of Lenneberg’s s critical age hypothesis, as described on page 653.

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