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do the two discussion question and each discussion questions have two respond th

do the two discussion question and each discussion questions have two respond that have to have an responds to them. 1.Scenario: Pretend you are the principal in an elementary school and have been tasked with changing the curriculum for all of your Kindergarten classes/teachers. Create a 5-step process in which you may use to change the current curriculum.
then respond to this Analyze Data from previous curriculum
Why did the previous data not address the needs or deficits areas?
How often will data be collected?
Researched based program known for effectiveness
What research-based curriculum that promotes domain-specific teaching practices that are effective in supporting positive child outcomes and appropriate for all kindergarten’s developmental levels?
Analyze current teaching practices and learning goals
What do the teachers need know to be successful in implementing this new curriculum?
Who will teach the teachers how to implement the new curriculum?
Defining the learning environment, vision, focus, objectives, and student needs
How do you know that students are meeting your stated goals?
What is the purpose of the new curriculum?
Create a written framework that’s consistent with what is known about the student’s growth and development.
Organize your standards based on the topics and timeline
Write the lessons to provide a comprehensive student learning experience.
Create or attach a variety of assessments to the lessons.
Determine what materials and resources you’ll need
then respond to this Five-step process to change the current curriculum 1. Staff and students need to recognize why foremost curriculum changes are going on. 2. Real and meaningful trade takes time and nearly always comes with challenges. Build-in area for setbacks. Anticipate barriers and meet them with a groovy head. One of the maximum hard aspects of adopting a new curriculum and instituting real trade is the concern of failure that includes it.
3. Teachers are often remoted from every other and are blind to the successes occurring in each other’s classrooms. Start the body of workers’ meetings with achievement testimonies. Ask instructors to percentage them. Too regularly while colleges adopt new frameworks and curriculums, the staff receives front-loaded, crash-route training. 4. Innovative packages and curricula can be high-quality property to a school committed to assembly the needs of its college students. However, they have to be visible as a framework for the paintings that happen in classrooms, no longer the be-all and stop-all.
5. Sometimes in our rush to conform and evolve, we lose sight of what already works. Use information, stories, and knowledge to determine while something desires to get replaced and when it need to be saved.
2.Compare and contrast curricular for middle school programs and secondary school programs. What is the one major similarity between these two curricula?
respond to this Middle schools educate a wider range of students than secondary schools do. These schools typically offer classes for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Some schools offer classes for students in ninth grade too and provide students with one extra year of classes they can take before entering high school. Secondary education refers to high schools and prep schools. These schools specifically prepare students for studying at the college level. The main difference between middle school and secondary education is that middle school helps students prepare for high school and secondary schools prepare students for college and whatever else comes next. Secondary schools and middle schools have different educational focuses. Middle schools are more student-oriented, and secondary schools are more subject- centered. For example, teachers teach a specific subject, such as math, science or English, all day. Students rotate to different teachers for each subject. Classes are structured and offer little flexibility, lasting approximately one hour each. Middle schools focus on the combined developmental and educational needs of students, rather than academic subject matter alone. respond to this Compare and contrast curricular for middle school programs and secondary school programs. What is the one major similarity between these two curricula?
The comparison of both the middle and secondary curricular programs is that to teach them to meet the goals of achieving the standards when it is teacher led and even student led. Middle school blends in the same strategic skills from the primary or elementary curricula in coping transitional learning targets. The data ranges the same method in order of good to improvement from the test scores.
The difference is that secondary programs guides a way for these students to get a chance in seeing the adult life. All grades from 9th grade where they can if it is still allowed to take care of a baby preventing from teen pregnancy in a child class, to 10th through 12th grade having the early advantages in career development assessment programs completing with a certificate of completion, and test taking skills for the ACT and SAT. The curricula might be different between grades but the concept of learning and teaching students will be same way for all students to reach the goal of growth and maturity.

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