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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of, and comfort with, applying problem solving strategies and decision-making techniques to a selected case study.
You must use the knowledge and skills gained in class to summarize your selected case study, apply a problem solving strategy to the case study to determine potential solutions, and use a decision-making strategy to select the optimal solution. Finally, you will reflect on potential problems/risks with this decision and develop a contingency plan for the chosen solution.
This assignment is to be completed individually and submitted to your instructor as a typed document through the Assignment Submission Folder.
Assignment Steps
Select one of the three case studies provided on the next web page.
Review the case study.
Identify the problem presented in the case study.
Decide on the most appropriate problem solving strategy and use this strategy to reflect on possible solutions.
Select a decision-making strategy presented in class and use this strategy to decide which solution you feel is the best solution.
Reflect on the potential problems/risks that could arise if the person implemented the recommended solution.
Consider how the person may avoid or plan for these potential problems/risks and outline these steps in a contingency plan.
Complete a written report that details your reflections and recommendations. Submit your report to the Assignment Submission Folder.
Note: Your report should include the following sections:
Problem summary/description
Application of problem solving strategy
Application of decision-making strategy
Identification of chosen solution (with reflections on why this is your choice)
Contingency plan
Total: 40 marks
Problem Identification and Description (2 marks)
You accurately identify the problem presented in the case study and describe this problem to the reader.
Application of Problem Solving Strategy (10 marks)
(1 mark) You identify the problem solving strategy you used.
(8 marks) You summarize each step of the strategy you used.
(1 mark) You include a visual that outlines your process through the strategy.
Application of Decision-Making Strategy (10 marks)
(1 mark) You identify the decision-making strategy you used.
(8 marks) You summarize each step of the strategy you used.
(1 mark) You include a visual that outlines your process through the strategy.
Identification of, and Reflection on, Chosen Solution (4 marks)
(1 mark) You state which solution you have chosen in response to the problem presented in the case study.
(3 marks) You reflect and provide 3 reasons to support why you believe this to be the most appropriate solution to the problem presented.
Contingency Plan (10 marks)
(1 mark) You identify what the main goal is.
(2 marks) You identify what event(s) will trigger the contingency plan.
(2 marks) You define the time period for the contingency plan.
(2 marks) You identify the needs of everyone involved, should the contingency plan be implemented.
(2 marks) You identify restrictions to resources that may occur and provide alternatives.
(1 mark) You define how you will know your plan has achieved success.
Formatting (4 marks)
(2 marks) Your analysis is free of spelling and grammar errors.
(2 marks) Your report includes headings to organize the content, and this content is included under the appropriate headings.
After one year on the job, Lima was called into her supervisor’s office. Lima was nervous and thought back over the last few weeks to see if she had made any mistakes at work. She couldn’t think of anything she had done wrong.
Lima was relieved when Mrs. Peterson asked her if she would like to take a higher paying position in one of two departments. As it turned out, both departments had openings and had heard about Lima’s excellent skills and work performance. Lima could have her choice between the two departments:
Department A is supervised by Mr. Kent, a long-term employee. Department A has the reputation for promoting its employees faster than any other department. On the other hand, Mr. Kent is known to be highly authoritarian and has a short fuse if things don’t go the way he wants. In fact, his employee turnover rate is higher than that of any other department.
Department B is supervised by Ms. Lee, a young manager recently out of college. Under Ms. Lee’s supervision people seem to be very productive and have a good time in the process. Many workers envy the people who work in Ms. Lee’s department. On the other hand no one has been promoted from Ms. Lee’s department in the two years since she’s been manager.

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