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Select a women’s health issue that interests you based on the list provided belo

Select a women’s health issue that interests you based on the list provided below and write a paper that is at least (>5) pages that is supported by at least three peer reviewed articles about the health issue (no older than 10 years) and incorporate other reference/resources as well.
You can either write about a personal experience or perform and informal interview of someone about your selected issue. Please find the topics bel
· Period Encounter: Write about someone’s first period/encounter with someone who had a period.
· Abortion: Write about someone’s personal experience (spontaneous or elective)
· Abortion Too: Interview two people on either side of the debate: pro-choice and pro-life.
· Teen Pregnancy: Interview a teen who became pregnant about their pregnancy
· Pregnancy Experience: Interview someone about their experience with pregnancy
· Cross-culture Health: Women’s health in other cultures/communities.
· Cancer: Interview a breast/uterine/ovarian cancer survivor.
· Women with disabilities: Interview a disabled woman about being disabled in our society.
· Violence Against Women: Interview the Title IX officer on campus about sexual harassment.
· Transgender Health: Speak with a transgendered individual about health and insurance concerns.
** If you would like to write about a different topic, please clear it with your professor first
Paper Write-up: Due 9/30
Write 5 – 10 page research paper about your selected health issue based on your interview (or self-reflection) AND the literature reviewed (research articles and other resources).
Paper set-up & Professionalism:
Cover page, abstract with key words, paper (4 – 8 pages that uses the bolded category headings below for the headings & subheadings for the paper), reference page. Consider grammar, spelling and flow when writing.
Abstract (1/2 page) Summary of paper that provides outline of what to expect in the paper.
1. Introduction (1 – 3 pages)
· Background Information: What is the topic you have selected and why did you select the topic?
What is the topic about? Discuss historic and current perspectives of topic. Provide information about the prevalence of the issue and provide statistics. Provide definition of terms that are needed or where appropriate.
How does the issue affect individuals and society (effects on the dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social, cultural, vocational, etc)? How do individuals, society and systems (policies, politics, health agencies, education, etc.) address the issue?
Your background information is strengthened when you use a combination of resources such as peer-reviewed articles (use at least 3) and other resources (at least 3 others: books, websites, agencies, newspaper & magazine articles, etc.) to provide some background information about the issue.
· Theoretical Perspective: The recommended theoretical perspective is the socio-ecological perspective. However, you can use a theory that you are familiar with. You could also identify one from the research articles you read.
· Purpose: The purpose of the paper indicates what you are trying to find out or understand. You will be specifically trying to understand something interesting or significant about the person you interviewed. (e.g. The purpose of the paper is to understand the emotional and psychological toll on women with Bulimia
2. Methods (1/2 – 1 page) Write a methods section that discuss how you collected the data for your paper/assignment.
· Research Method: Indicate that this is a retrospective, qualitative study that uses an interview technique or a quantitative study that uses a survey. Institutional Review Board: Indicate that you did not complete a human subject’s approval form as you got approval from your professor for the class project.
· Participant Selection: Indicate how & where you identified and selected the person(s) that you interviewed/distributed survey.
· Instrument: Indicate the instrument you used (e.g. a form that gathered demographic information? a series of open-ended interview questions? Indicate that the interview is based on X number of interview questions (it is recommended that you have at least 2), a survey? A self-reflection?
· Analyses: Indicate how data were analyzed (e.g. recorded, transcribed, themes identified & interpreted)
o E.g. To better understand what women with Bulimia are going through, a review of relevant literature was conducted, therefore, research articles, reports, media resources and an interview of a person with Bulimia was conducted.
o Women in their mid-thirties with the disorder bulimia nervosa were identified through the snowball technique and were approached to participate in the study. The women completed an informed consent prior to participation and were asked to complete a demographic and health history intake sheet. After completion of the intake form, the women were interviewed using 10 questions developed through the about the health issue. The questions are were derived from reviewing the literature. 3. Results (1/2 – 1 page) should provide information about the data that was collected and analyzed. What was found from the conducted research? Examples of what can be included in the results are:
· How many people were interviewed?
· How long did the interviews last?
· Summarize the demographic information (age, race/ethnicity, education, children, and pregnancy).
· Then, provide a write-up about your findings from your interview.
· What meaningful patterns and themes were identified? What do they mean?
· Some quantitative analysis tools include: Descriptive statistics: mean, mode, median; inferential statistics: T-test, ANOVA, MANOVA, CHI-tests, etc.
4. Discussion (1 – 2 pages) evaluates your interview and how it relates to the literature and surrounding environment. I recommend you discuss how the health issue is affected/shaped by the determinants of health, dimensions of health and socio-ecological factors.
• Person (individual demographic: age, education, economic status)
• Physical Environment (biological, genetic, clinical health)
• Social and cultural environment (religion, faith, culture, policies, laws, etc.)
• Dimensions of Health: Physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social, cultural, vocational, etc.
5. Conclusion (1/2 – 1 page)
· Is the interview reflective of the literature reviewed? Did it match what you found in the research/literature?
· Therefore, was the interview in line with what researchers know about the topic? Were there differences? Why do you think that is?
6. References (1 page)
· Should attempt to do APA style citation.
· Please have at least 3 peer reviewed articles and at least 3 other resources
· Make sure references are cited in-text (please be consistent)
· Please make sure you have a reference page at the end of the paper.

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