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Please remember to post your Reading Response and Reply to at least 2 classmate

remember to post your Reading Response and Reply to at least 2
classmates with substantive posts. This will help keep the ideas and
discussions flowing.
I need one paragraph split in half so it can be for each discussion
I have already already posted the reading response
1.Elements that help one to be within the scene
The elements that help me be within the scene explained by Marta Taylor
include her choice of words, figurative language like similes and
metaphors, and the essay structure. Taylor uses specific words to
describe the state they were in. For instance, she describes the silence
in the car as sacred, which helps me imagine how quiet it was. Taylor
also makes use of figurative language, such as using the metaphor “in a
state of grace.” She says this to mean she felt innocent despite the
violent weather that was outside the car. Also, Taylor’s structuring of
the essay makes me be within the scene as she starts by describing the
situation inside the car, which is chilled and peaceful, then outside
the car, where it is stormy, then back to the peace in the car.
Senses Taylor Engages
senses that Taylor engages include the sense of sight, sound, and
smell. She engages a sense of sight by describing the serene around her
in detail, both in the car and outside. Hence, one is able to picture
how the scene actually looked like. Another sense is the sense of sound,
as she mentions the eerie silence severally in the car. Taylor also
engages the sense of smell when she talks about the patchwork quilt that
smelled like picnics and beaches.
2. Possible Audience
audience for this piece would be a knowledgeable audience who have a
good understanding OF English. That is because Taylor uses some
vocabulary such as gaudy, frolicked, and paragon, which some people may
not be familiar with. Also, the piece will be best for people who can
understand the essay structure so that they may comprehend why Taylor
decided to organize her essay in such a manner. Such people would relate
to the essay structure and choice of words. Another audience that would
relate to the essay is people who live in desert lands. Taylor explains
the lightning storm in the desert region of Flagstaff, Arizona. Hence,
people who are not familiar with this weather would not relate to what
Taylor is explaining.
3. Engaging the Senses in One’s Own Writing
After reading the essays, I will try to engage the senses in my essays
in several ways. First, whenever I describe a feeling, I will give a
detailed description so that my audience can also get to engage with the
sense. For instance, if I am to evoke a sense of sight, I will describe
in detail everything I see, including where it is, how it looks like,
and what action is happening at that moment. For instance, Taylor
describes the lightning she saw. She says that she saw it cut across the
night sky and even illuminated Joshua trees. With that, one can picture
the state of the outside surroundings. I will also engage the sense of
sound in my essay in detail, just like Taylor did, where she mentioned
severally how silent it was in the car. She even uses descriptions such
as “sacred silence.” With that, the reader can picture the state of
silence in that scene.

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