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Important: Assessment Declaration: I declare that in submitting all work for thi

Assessment Declaration:
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and I agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration.
Assessment Two: Assessment Task 2: Leadership Development Plan
Type: Individual
Weight: 50%
Assignment Task 2, Leadership Development Plan is due by Friday, 17 September 2021, 7 pm Melbourne Time
Length for Task 2, Leadership Development Plan: 2,500 words (+/- 10%)
Feedback mode: Feedback will be provided using the marking tools and general comments. Assessment Task 2: Leadership Development Plan
Details: See this document for more details
Diagnostic Tools
Suggested Development Plan Template
Feedback Checklist
You must follow the Harvard referencing style when completing Assessment 2 and Assessment 3.
That is, you will be required to show their ability to appropriately reference sources of information (number and quality of references), using the Harvard style referencing (in-text and list of references) – see
It is expected that you will use at least 10 academic references, preferably refereed journal/research articles. Websites, such as Wikipedia, will not be accepted, other than for providing general details of the leaders and these will not be counted in the minimum references required. Correct and thorough referencing will be a key evaluation element. The quality of your sources will also be considered in the evaluation of your assignment. Papers must have in-text referencing and a reference list in the RMIT Harvard referencing style. Papers that have no in-text referencing and/or no reference list will lose 10 marks of the 50 available marks. See Course Canvas for more details.
This second part of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) assessment task allows students to apply their knowledge and skills into practical situations. It is assessed through a real workplace context where feedback from industry is integral to students’ experience. This assessment is designed to lead you from critical analysis of your role model to reflect on how you can improve your own leadership qualities and effectiveness through three learning stages: a) Research; b) Leadership Development Plan; and, c) Industry Feedback.
At stage 1, you will be required to reflect on the Industry speaker’s presentation in Week 03 and use that knowledge to select a person whom you consider to be a successful and effective leader. Then, through your observation or research, you will identify the person’s leadership traits, behaviours and qualities. The learning outcome of this stage is that you are challenged to apply the theories in this course with your research or observation.
For the second stage, you are asked to reflect on your own leadership, based on what you learned from the research/observation of your role model, and consider how your own leadership qualities could be improved. At this stage, you are required to create a leadership development plan.
In the final stage, you will seek feedback on your leadership development plan from a person in a leadership position and capable of providing you with honest feedback on your personal leadership development plan. The identified leader who will provide you with feedback should not be from within RMIT University or your relative.
By going through these three stages, you should be able to critically analyse and evaluate leadership theories and practices and understand how to improve your own leadership effectiveness and qualities.
Important Note
Please submit the background information of the leader who will provide feedback on your plan via the course Canvas. You do not need to identify the person (e.g. name). However, you must provide background information of your role model (e.g. position, leadership experience, organisation information, etc.). A penalty of 2 marks of the available 50 marks may apply if you fail to submit the background information.
To submit, you can choose either the ‘File Uploads’ or ‘Text Entry’ menu.
Assessment Declaration:
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration (Links to an external site.).
Before making the final submission, please read:
Please make sure that you answer ‘YES’ to the following questions before making the final submission:
1) I am submitting the correct version of my assignment
2) I have listed all references at the end of my assignment. 3) I have attached all required appendices as appendices in my assignment.
Declaration and statement of authorship
I/we hold a copy of this work that can be produced if the original is lost/damaged.
This work is my/our original work and no part of it has been copied from any other student’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made.
No part of this work has been written for me/us by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the lecturer/teacher concerned.
I/we have correctly acknowledged the re-use of any of my/our own previously submitted work within this submission.
I/we give permission for this work to be reproduced, communicated, compared and archived for the purpose of detecting plagiarism.
I/we give permission for a copy of my/our marked work to be retained by the school for review and comparison, including review by external examiners.
I/we understand that:
plagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is my/our own. It is a form of cheating and is a very serious academic offence that may lead to exclusion from the University. Plagiarised material can be drawn from, and presented in, written, graphic and visual form, including electronic data and oral presentations. Plagiarism occurs when the origin of the material used is not appropriately cited.
plagiarism includes the act of assisting or allowing another person to plagiarise or to copy my/our work.
By submitting the assignment, I/we declare that I/we have read and understood the declaration and statement of authorship.
General Instructions
On the Course Menu, select the Assignments menu.
Click the provided link for submission.
Upload your assignment.
Total points: 50

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