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The purpose of the project report is to enhance your skills in linguistic analys

The purpose of the project report is to enhance your skills in
linguistic analysis. You will have access to a corpus of English
speech or writing with information about the speakers/writers
as well as the topics of their conversations/assignments so that
you can: 1. formulate (a) clear hypothesis/es based on (i) your knowledge
from the course literature, (ii) the nature of the corpus data
and (iii) your own interests and intuitions 2. analyze the corpus to verify whether your hypothesis/es
hold/s 3. report your findings and discuss their relevance based on the
course literature Quantitative sociolinguistics
The British National Corpus (Spoken BNC2014) A collection of roughly 11-million-words of contemporary British
English speech. The data contains information about the gender,
age and social class of speakers.
BNC is suitable for students interested in lexical and
grammatical variation, where the analysis can be carried out by
targeted searches, meaning that a larger data-set can be used. (PASSWORD AND USERNAME).
username –
password – Test12345
Try it on this page –
Qualitative sociolinguistics
The Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English (SBC)
This subset of the SBC consists of approximately 249,000 words
of spoken American English.
SBC is suitable for students interested in turn-taking, speech
acts etc., where the analysis requires a close reading of the
Instructions for writing up your report:
The end-product of the project is a short, concise five page
paper presenting the project which includes the following parts:
– Introduction of the topic studied, research question and short
background: what does the course literature/other sources say
about the topic? How do these findings lead you to your research
– Presentation of linguistic data (i.e. the corpus) and the
extra-linguistic factors involved in the analysis: which
linguistic and extra-linguistic variables are relevant to your
research question? – Presentation of your method: how will your analysis support
your hypothesis? What data did you select, and why? How did you
annotate your data? What other factors did you need to account
for to accurately assess your hypothesis? – Results and discussion: present your results clearly. Did your
results reflect your expectations (i.e. did they support your
hypothesis)? If not, you should discuss why they didn’t. – Conclusion, which should be very brief and simply restate your
hypothesis and findings. – List of references.
It is important that your report is written in academic English.
Avoid personal reflections and try to be objective in your
exposition. You should also avoid the use of contractions (e.g.
didn’t) and make sure to use complete sentences which all have
a subject and a finite verb. (For example, the following is not
a complete sentence (indicated with a *): Apples are good for
the health. *Especially for the digestive system.) Make use of
coherence markers, linking the concepts you present to each
other and to the main essay topic and use appropriate
paragraphing and punctuation.
You should define the concepts in your own words rather than
directly quoting from the literature. If, however, you
paraphrase from the literature, be sure to indicate the
reference by indicating the relevant pages (or website) for this
information. e.g. Apples are fruits (Author’s surname Year: page
numbers, i.e. Wardhaugh & Fuller 2015: 38). Remember that a
failure to indicate the sources of your claims, if drawn from
secondary sources, constitutes plagiarism. At the end of your
essay, you should have a references section where you indicate
the text(s) you referred to in your report.
The report (excluding the list of references) should not exceed
five pages excluding examples and any graphs and tables that you
wish to include. Use 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman, font size

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