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PERS 2390- Music in Film, Dr. Yu Film Music Assignment #1 Guidelines Submit your

PERS 2390- Music in Film, Dr. Yu
Film Music Assignment #1 Guidelines
Submit your assignment onto BlazeVIEW under Assignment Folder, “Film Music Assignment #1”
The purpose of this assignment is to describe the usage of a classical composition in a film in a narrative dialogue using the terminology described thus far in the course. You want to be able to tell the reader what you are hearing and seeing by using proper descriptions and content, as if the reader has never watched or heard the scene.
Many films use classical music compositions to help direct dramatic or passive action on screen. The focus of this assignment is for you to showcase your critical musical analysis skills learned thus far in the course with specific scenes and specific classical music compositions as the music. The primary focus of your narrative should be on the music, not the plot. You only need to pick one of the scenes below.
Knowledge Acquired and Needed for this Assignment:
· The Elements of Music lecture
· The Elements of Drama lecture
· Cinematography lecture
· Editing lecture
· Copland’s Five Aesthetics of Film Music lecture
List out, in bullet form, the Elements of Music, Elements of Drama, cinematography, editing, and Aesthetics from one of the following scenes below.
1. Pick a scene from the following list. Only pick one of the following scenes to use in your critical analysis.
X-Men Apocalypse, “No more superpowers”
Music Used: Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 7, second movement: Allegretto
Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation, opera scene

Music Used: Giacomo Puccini opera, Turandot, Act III, “Nessun Dorma”
Philadelphia, describing an opera scene

Music Used: Umberto Giordano opera, Andrea Chenier, “La Mamma Morta”
Platoon, montage

Music Used: Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings
Five Easy Pieces, playing the piano

Music Used: Frederick Chopin, Prelude in E minor, Op. 28 No. 4
Raging Bull, opening credits

Music Used: Pietro Mascagni, Intermezzo from Cavelleria Rusticana
2. Look up the original composer and the piece in the scene. Based on the information you can find, include the instrumentation (can be found by searching for the piece of music and instrumentation). If there are singers present, you only need to mention male or female singers.
3. Describe what is occurring in the scene with the music. What do you think is the purpose of the music in the scene? This is not a synopsis or plot summary, but what actions are occurring in the scene. This may take 2-3 sentences to explain.
4. Name one Aesthetic of Film Music present in the scene with proper justification. If you see and hear more than one, justify all Aesthetics mentioned. Hint: there are hardly ever instances of more than 2 Aesthetics. None of the above are more than two. This may take 2-3 sentences to explain.
5. Include the musical content of the scene. Include the following criteria:
· Which instruments specifically do you hear and when? (Time stamp or cinematography cues)
· What is the dynamic? Be specific with when. Remember, dynamics change constantly.
· What is the tempo? Be specific as a general tempo, no BPM. Tempos likely stay the same the entire scene.
· What is the texture? This may take 2-3 sentences to explain.
· Assume the reader does not know the proper terminology, briefly define the terms above.
6. Briefly describe the cinematography and editing techniques of the scene and how it relates to the music present in the scene. Be specific. For instance, do you hear any changes in the criteria from No. 5 when there are cinematographic elements included in the scene? This may take 5-6 sentences to explain. Hint: watch the scene repeatedly and pause and write when you see and hear different elements.
Assignment Criteria:
· The assignment will be submitted onto BlazeVIEW and TurnItIn will be active.
· Style: 20 points
o All correction punctuation.
o Correct spelling.
o Correct grammar.
o Correctly italicize titles.
· Content: 80 points
o Addresses all components of the assignment in a thoroughly thought-out, including discussed terminology and musical cues.
o Each purposeful task question was given careful and thoughtful consideration with depth and detail, proper justification, and answered in a logical and progressive manner.
o Takes the reader through your scene in an insightful manner showing engaging style and purpose. (Do not use fluff words, filler words, or random words to match a word count quota.)
Approximate Time to Complete (not to be included in the paper at all, just for your reference)
· I wrote my own narrative in preparation for this assignment to put myself into your shoes. This assignment took me approximately 35-minutes to complete. Do take into consideration that I do know all of the major works listed, and have played many of the works, so that does take a little bit of time off. Expect 1-2 hours to complete.
Late Submission
· It is at the discretion of the instructor whether late assignments will be accepted. If a late assignment is accepted, the student will receive a reduction to the assignment no less than half of the assignment’s worth. This is non-negotiable.
I suggest taking a screenshot of your submission in case of technical difficulties, which can sometimes occur.
Have fun with this assignment! Put some personality into your response, enjoy it.

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