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i need a research paper on a pico question. i have very detailed instructions i

i need a research paper on a pico question. i have very detailed instructions i will upload. I will need the writer to be sure to follow the instructions to the exact detail. the body needs to be 4 pages one title page and one refenece page. please help! i have also included the grading rubic. the “Assignment Overview Module”. As you work through the actual search, I want you to try to limit your ‘dates’ so that you don’t end up with 300 or 400 articles. That is not the purpose of this assignment. Your first search may well find hundreds of articles, so don’t panic. You will see in the summary section that I want you to develop a table that summarizes the articles, and include in sentence form significant findings from one or two of the articles. By the time you drill down through all the steps explained in the summary, and you still have 50 articles, you can’t write all that up in a few pages for this assignment. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY! IF you end up with more than 5 articles as your FINAL number in the flow diagram: The first sentence of your Summary statement will read this way: (word for word… you can copy and paste it with my permission)
As part of the requirements for this assignment in N633 Research Designs and Methods for Advanced Practice Nursing, a summary table of five (5) articles is included. I don’t want you overwhelmed and trying to summarize 10 or 50 or 100 articles. If you have any questions – please let me know. I am more concerned that you learn a method, in small bits! Hints / Tips
The abstract is a teaser about what you are writing, it should contain some background info about why the issue is an issue; and a brief bit of information about what you found. Don’t give it all away in the abstract, but include enough so the reader knows what they will be reading about! (Clear as mud right?)
Your introduction builds on the abstract background. What is the issue, why is it of concern to nurses, patients, administrators, etc? And a bit of information about what has been done on it. From the assignment information in Week 3:
re: the INTRODUCTION Flesh out the abstract with more info on the background, why is it an issue, and how it can be impacted by nursing (or impacts nursing). This introduces the problem you are researching and gives a more in-depth background than the abstract did. Write a few paragraphs and tell the reader what makes the problem a problem, why it is of concern to nurses/health care community/administrators. You are providing a reason for looking at the problem. In this section, the final paragraph will include the problem statement (your PICO question written out as a sentence)! The PICO question you are using for the search strategy will also be an appendix to this assignment.
The resources you use to write the abstract may well include other articles NOT in your search strategy along with one or two articles from the search strategy. Remember, the abstract is a brief look into your paper. On the other hand, the resources in the introduction will notinclude the search strategy articles you found that answer your PICO question. When you start writing up the other sections you will cover your search strategy findings!
Now, if you end up with only 2 or 3 articles at the end of the Search Strategy Flow Diagram – that is OKAY. There is no minimum, although it would be nice if you had more than 1 or 2, but that is NOT going to be a deduction. Our goal is for you to learn how to use this tool. Over the rest of the semester, you have 3 assignments due. Please feel free to post questions on the discussion board about the assignments. We will be grading each assignment according to the rubrics. However, each assignment will also be graded for APA formatting issues and grammar. Each APA will be counted off as .50 points. Please make sure that you use Grammarly to check your assignment before you upload it for a grade. We will download your assignment ourselves, and run it through a Grammarly check. Points will be deducted for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors highlighted by Grammarly when we check it. Each error will count off .25 of a point. As we grade submissions we will be typing in comments. In addition, we may send you a copy of your submission with the errors highlighted. Part of the goal of this course is to help you recognize where you make errors in APA and grammar and help you see how to correct those errors. Professional writing is different from writing an essay on a particular topic, or a subjective story. Your writing should be clear, concise, and free of extra phrases that do not contribute to the meaning of a sentence and/or paragraph. If you have any questions about the upcoming assignments, please post questions on the discussion boards. I am setting up a discussion board for EACH of the assignments, in the Assignment Overview Module. When working on your search strategy
Feel FREE to edit or alter the PICO question you are working with. Your PICO assignment was to help you identify and narrow down a population, intervention, comparator and outcome. We will NOT be checking your search strategy to see if your PICO question is WORD for WORD like the assignment you submitted. My best advice though (2 things actually)
1) Identify ONE intervention and ONE comparator and ONE outcome
2) If you end up with 30 or 40 potential articles – don’t forget to go back to the search and limit the year time frame you are search. If you searched 2010 – 2020; limit it to 2015 – 2020. To clarify your search strategy should be word for word like the template. That’s why I went to the trouble of creating it and recording a video. Look at the grading rubric I posted in the module with all the info about the assignments. You may need to add something, but we expect to see all of the statements I’ve included. Joanna Briggs Institute, the Cochrane group, and other EBP groups require you to follow their templates when writing a search strategy for their institution for publications.
You will lose points if the phrases I have detailed in the template are absent.

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