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Attached, please find the titles of some great sample papers to replicate. The

please find the titles of some great sample papers to replicate. The below list consists of 28 papers in 6 general areas in economic research. There are many other areas of interest which you might chose your paper from. Please do not limit your ambition to the list below, and just use them to inspire yourself. Below you can find: 5 papers in Illegal Immigration, 4 papers in Migration and Urbanization, 4 papers in Family Economics, 4 papers in Health, 7 papers in Labor Markets and Training, and 4 papers in Household Market)
Please review and tell us if any of the below papers catches your eye for your replication practice (term paper), why? why not?
papers_to_replicate_v1.docx Illegal Immigration (5)
Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina, Esther Arenas-Arroyo, and Almudena Sevilla. “Immigration enforcement and economic resources of children with likely unauthorized parents.” Journal of Public Economics 158 (2018a): 63-78.
Kostandini, Genti, Elton Mykerezi, and Cesar Escalante.(2013) “The impact of immigration enforcement on the US farming sector.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96, no.1: 172-192.
Kuka et al. 2019. A reason to wait: the effect of legal status on teen pregnancy. AER P&P
Orrenius, Pia M., and Madeline Zavodny. “The Impact of Temporary Protected Status on Immigrants’ Labor Market Outcomes.” American Economic Review 105, no. 5 (2015): 576-80.
Watson, Tara. Enforcement and immigrant location choice. No. w19626. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013.
Migration and Urbanization (4)
Sastry, N., and Gregory, J. (2014). The location of displaced New Orleans residents in the year after Hurricane Katrina. Demography, 51(3), 753-775.
Sturtevant, Lisa. “The new District of Columbia: what population growth and demographic change mean for the city.” Journal of Urban Affairs 36, no. 2 (2014): 276-299.
Walker, K. E. (2016). Baby boomer migration and demographic change in US metropolitan areas. Migration Studies, 4(3), 347-372.
Winters, John V. (2017). Do Earnings by College Major Affect Graduate Migration? The Annals of Regional Science., 59(3), 629-649.
Family Economics (4)
Blau, F. D., Kahn, L. M., Brummund, P., Cook, J., and Larson-Koester, M. (2020). Is There Still Son Preference in the United States? Journal of Population Economics. Marshall, M. I., and Flaig, A. (2014). Marriage, children, and self-employment earnings: an analysis of self-employed women in the US. Journal of Family & Economic Issues, 35(3), 313-22.
Chiswick, B. R., & Gindelsky, M. (2016). Determinants of bilingualism among children: an econometric analysis. Review of Economics of the Household, 14(3), 489-506.
Comolli, Chiara Ludovica, and Fabrizio Bernardi. “The causal effect of the great recession on childlessness of white American women.” IZA Journal of Labor Economics 4, no. 1 (2015): 21.
Health (4)
Bailey, James. Health insurance and the supply of entrepreneurs: new
evidence from the affordable care act. Small Bus Econ (2017) 49:627–646
Bailey, James, and Dhaval Dave. “The effect of the Affordable Care Act on entrepreneurship among older adults.” Eastern Economic Journal 45, no. 1 (2019): 141-159.
Condliffe, Simon, Matt B. Saboe, and Sabrina Terrizzi. “Did the ACA reduce job-lock and spur entrepreneurship?.” Journal of Entrepreneurship
and Public Policy 6, no. 2 (2017): 150-163.
Frean, Molly, Jonathan Gruber, and Benjamin D. Sommers. “Premium subsidies, the mandate, and Medicaid expansion: Coverage effects of the Affordable Care Act.” Journal of Health Economics 53 (2017): 72-86.
Labor Markets and Training (7)
Davila, A., & Mora, M. T. (2005). Changes in the earnings of Arab men in the US between 2000 and 2002. Journal of Population Economics, 18(4), 587-601.
Rickman, D. S., Wang, H., & Winters, J. V. (2017). Relative Teacher Salaries and the Decision to Teach. Contemporary Economic Policy, 35(3), 542-550.
Sjoquist, D. L., & Winters, J. V. (2015). State merit‐based financial aid programs and college attainment. Journal of Regional Science, 55(3), 364-390.
Sjoquist, D. L., & Winters, J. V. (2015). State merit aid programs and college major: A focus on STEM. Journal of Labor Economics,
33(4), 973-1006.
Wang, Q., & Lysenko, T. (2014). Immigrant underemployment across US metropolitan areas: From a spatial perspective. Urban Studies, 51(10), 2202-2218.
Winters, John V. “Is economics a good major for future lawyers? Evidence from earnings data.” The Journal of Economic Education 47, no. 2 (2016): 187-191.
Timmons, E. Licensing One of the World’s Oldest Professions: Massage
The Journal of Law & Economics , Vol. 56, No. 2 (May 2013), pp. 371-388
Household Market (4)
Knittel, Christopher R., and Elizabeth Murphy. Generational trends in vehicle ownership and use: Are millennials any different?. No. w25674. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2019.
Holian, Matthew J. “The impact of urban form on vehicle ownership.” Economics Letters 186 (2020): 108763.
Costa, Dora L., and Matthew E. Kahn. “Electricity consumption and durable housing: understanding cohort effects.” American Economic Review, 101, no. 3 (2011): 88-92.
Holian, “The impact of building energy codes on household electricity expenditures.” Econ Letters 186 (2020).

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