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Requirements: You are required to complete each step of the process listed below

You are required to complete each step of the process listed below. Page numbers are provided for you to reference for clarification or to help you better understand what each step is asking you to provide.
You will use MLA (you can use Purdue (Links to an external site.)’s style guide).
Your paper will be NO LESS than four pages. Your total page count will NOT include a title page (not required to have) or your reference page. You will double space, use proper grammar, and proper punctuation. You will cite if you use an exact quote. You will provide links for the articles you use in the reference page.
Part 1-Introduction: Choose a social problem, area of concern, or something that interests you in society. This can be anything. There is really no limit to the options for your topic. You can choose a topic that you feel has an impact on society or you can choose a topic that may be personal to you.
You will select your Dependent and Independent variables.
You will create a Hypothesis based on the variables you choose.
Your Introduction will focus on your topic, why you feel the topic is a problem, how your variables are used to highlight the problem, and your hypothesis. From the text: Sociological Imagination-Page 4, Scientific Method and Theory-Page 49, Research 101-Page 50-53, Variables-Page 54, Hypothesis-Page 55.
Part 2-Literature Review:
You will provide no less than four Peer Reviewed articles related to your topic. Along with your articles you can also use books as well as other resources like videos, blogs, etc. Your links will be provided in your reference page (the last part of your paper).
The textbook does not specifically discuss Literature Reviews. Basically, when doing a literature review, researchers go back about five to seven years and review any research that has been done over the topic selected.
You can reference Rimmer Library (Links to an external site.)’s database or Google Scholar for your articles.
Your Literature Review will discuss what information you found from the articles and other resources.
Part 3-Select a Research Design:
You will select the proper research design that will allow you to accurately collect your data for future research. Only one research design can be utilized. Not all research designs are created equally. For example, if you are focusing on how alcohol consumption under the age of 14 impacts socialization, you wouldn’t use an experiment to collect data. It would be unethical and illegal to have children 14 and under consume alcohol. Clearly, your research design needs to fit your overall focus.
From the text: Research Designs-Page 61-71.
Part 4-Conclusion:
Your conclusion will highlight your topic and why you felt the topic was important, what you had expected to see based on your variables and theory, what the literature review revealed, and how you may build or expand on the research. Part 5-Reference Page:
You will provide your references on this page. This may include your article links, books, or any other resources you used in your paper related to your topic.
Make sure you use the proper format for your reference page.

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