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Personal Narrative essay instructions The purpose of this section of the applica

Personal Narrative essay instructions
The purpose of this section of the application is two-fold: to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your writing ability and to tell us more about yourself and what brought you to social work. Through the personal narrative, you will have an opportunity to describe your interest and motivation for becoming a professional social worker as well as your understanding of the concepts and guiding principles associated with the profession.
Please use a single document to submit this portion of your application. The response to each question may be approximately one page in length, but may be more as long as the response to all questions does not exceed a total of 8 pages (not including the title page and/or citation pages). The personal narrative essays should be constructed according to APA format, which includes the following:
A title/cover page for the narrative portion of the application.
Include your Application ID number shown at the top of this page.
Do NOT include your first or last name anywhere in the personal narrative.
A section header for each question.
Include the actual question as the section header
Fundamental structural rules of APA, including:
12 point, Times New Roman font
1-inch margins
In-text citations and references in proper APA style (We strongly suggest that applicants use citations)
Thorough review and editing of your work before submission. Read each question carefully before you begin writing. Be sure that you respond to all dimensions of each question.
Submit your Personal Narrative essay responses as a PDF document with the following file name: “your application ID — Personal Narrative” (e.g., “405916397 — Personal Narrative”).
At the School of Social Work, we are committed to addressing Power and Oppression, promoting Social Justice, using Evidence-based practice, Advocacy, and celebrating Diversity, concepts we summarize with the acronym PrOSEAD. Connections and observations related to PrOSEAD and its components are discussed regularly among students and faculty at the individual, group, community, and system levels. Using this lens, please answer the following:
1. Q: Reflect on the term “privilege” personally or socially. To what extent does privilege impact individuals, communities and systems?
2. Q: Reflect on the term “allyship.” Discuss how you plan to move toward allyship while in the MSW program.
The social work profession is guided by the NASW Code of Ethics. This Code includes working with diverse populations and clients/communities whose values and beliefs may be different from your own.
3. Q: The capacity for self-reflection and self-management in situations that challenge one’s values and beliefs is a necessary component of professional social work practice that supports the dignity and worth of others. Describe an area of the Code of Ethics with which you may struggle based on your personal values. What are your plans to address these tensions, in order to be able to abide by the Code of Ethics as a social worker? Think specifically of times when you were open to new ideas/change, flexible or contemplative).
Thinking critically about social justice issues is a key skill for both professional social workers and those studying to join the profession.
4. Q: Demonstrate your understanding of contemporary issues and challenges in the professional practice of social work by identifying a question or relevant problem/current issue you would like to explore and explain how knowledge gained at the School of Social Work can help you address this problem.
5. Q: Choose a social justice issue, recent social event, or movement about which you feel strongly and would like to address as a future social worker. Using the social work Grand Challenges, NASW Code of Ethics and/or the history of social work to help inform your response, provide a critique of how current institutions, services, policies or community practices have failed to adequately address this issue and suggest how the social work profession could respond.
Thinking critically, describe:
a) the issue;
b) why social workers would feel this is an important issue to address;
c) what you believe are the systems, policies and practices that have contributed to this being an issue; and
d) how you think the field of social work or your role as a future social worker could contribute to or impact this event or movement.
Use citations where necessary.
6. Q: Understanding that there are many helping professions, we are interested in knowing why you want to be a social worker. Describe your aptitude, motivation and preparation for graduate study in the field of social work; your future career goals in the profession of social work (be sure to identify the specialization you find most interesting at this time); and achievements that demonstrate your professional promise and leadership potential as a social worker.

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