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Orientation and Onboarding Many employees receive their onboarding (first day tr

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Orientation and Onboarding
Many employees receive their onboarding (first day training) during their first days on the job. The training should be designed to prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively, learn about their organization, and establish work relationships.
Company should be about Arthrex based in Florida.
I attached the 4 references
1. Cable, D. M., Gino, F., & Staats, B. R. (2013). Reinventing employee onboarding. MIT Sloan Management Review, 54(3), 23-28. Retrieved from
2. Arthrex invests in employee health, safety with high-tech disinfectant systems. (2020, May 09). News Bites – Private Companies Retrieved from
3. Dahab, K., Potter, M. N., Provance, A., Albright, J., & Howell, D. R. (2019). Sport Specialization, Club Sport Participation, Quality of Life, and Injury History Among High School Athletes. Journal of Athletic Training, 54(10), 1061–1066.
4. Amanda M Meyer, & Lynn K Bartels. (2017). The Impact of Onboarding Levels on Perceived Utility, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Support, and Job Satisfaction. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 17(5), 10–27.
5. Vogel, M. (2016, 08). BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN FLORIDA. Florida Trend, 59, 92-94,96-114. Retrieved from
Assignment Guidelines
Develop and prepare a voice-over PowerPoint presentation to welcome and inform new employees. Using the company you are presently working for (or one that you have worked for previously or want to work for) prepare an onboarding training program to help employees prepare and learn about the organization. As you get ready to develop your presentation, keep in mind, you are the HR representative, your classmates and I are the new employees. It would be helpful to review the grading rubric before you develop your presentation.
12 – 14 slides to include: Make your presentation fun, visually appealing, and slides not too wordy
Welcome – to the company
Company History – from the beginning
Leadership – company structure
Company Culture – traditions, values, norms, and mission
Clarification – job and performance expectations
Compliance – company policies, rules, and regulations
Compensation and Benefits – payroll, paid time off, other benefits
FAQs – questions that are frequently asked about the company
Slide of Choice
Slide of Choice
Slide of Choice
Reference slide
Assignment Instructions
For the Voice-over PPT presentation, students will summarize the information they researched for their onboarding presentation.
Each presentation should contain no more than 14 slides or less than 12.
Use one (1) slide for the Title page and one (1) for the Reference page. APA format should apply to the Reference slide with aminimum of four (5) scholarly references in APA format. All sources must show an author and date.
While your slides should be informative, they should not be too wordy – otherwise, they become a distraction for the audience (remember the 7 x 7 Rule). It is expected that students will add to the content of their slides during the voice-over for interest, as the audience can read. Remember in a voiceover presentation the slides alone should be meaningless, the voiceover supplements the pertinent information.
Each presentation will be posted in the appropriate assignment link, as well as in a Special Forum on the Discussion Board. Each student will be required to give a 2 x 2 evaluation to two classmates: two things you really liked (or learned) during the presentation, and two areas that could have been further developed or improved.
Due to time constraints, it is critical that there are no late postings of the VO-PPTs as classmates must have time to do their “2 x 2” evaluation. If you do not post a VO PPT, you forfeit your opportunity to do 2 x 2 evaluations.
The 7×7 rule is simple: For every slide, use no more than seven lines of text — or seven bullet points — and no more than seven words per line. Slide titles aren’t included in the count.

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