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Goals It’s time to do some academic writing and we are going to start with a sum

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It’s time to do some academic writing and we are going to start with a summary piece!
Based on “Digital Literacies” in WA, you will write a 1-page/long paragraph Argument Summary on Nancy K. Herther’s “Digital Natives and Immigrants” on page 419.
Refer back to the previous chapter, specifically Michael’s One-Paragraph Summary as well as his Does/Says statements he used in building his summary. Remember the rules of summary learned in previous classes:
Topic sentence with the author’s name, the article title, and the thesis argument
3rd person Point-of-View (Refer to Author’s ideas, not your own)
No personal opinion allowed
No 1st person “I”
Must summarize in sequential order, exactly how ideas appear in the article
Must do one MLA Work Cited entry to cite the article (see pg. 43 for example)
Must use quotation marks when using two or more sequential EXACT WORDS from the author (Refer back to your 101A class; Use the MLA handbook; Use any MLA style manual; Use the MLA section of our textbook; Ask the ELC lab staff/instructors for help)
Submit to the assignment box and be sure that all ideas are written in your own words.
I will be looking for all the requirements above to be met for a passing score. Look for your grade within the week.
Additionally, you will be assigned one peer to rate using the assignment rubric. The peer review will be due next week.

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